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Description: MCC completed both interior and exterior renovations of the 32,000 square foot alpine lodge with renovations to building envelope, guest areas, kitchen servery and back of house kitchen. Also included renovation to Christine's fine dining restaurant. Completed in remote location atop Blackcomb Mountain. Completed on a CCDC2-2008 Stipulated Price Contract.


Project Value: $4,900,000

Completion date: November 2015

Client: Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises / Vail Resorts

Consultant: Michael Green Architecture



"As Prime Consultant on this project, MGA had the distinct pleasure of working with Murphy to complete the Rendezvous Lodge Renovation on Blackcomb Mountain. Murphy was brought in early to provide budget estimates with the added value of having a knowledgeable understanding of how the unique location of the project, halfway up the mountain, would affect costs. This local expertise was essential to the success of the project. It became clear in the early stages that they would be the right fit as GC through construction and MGA was happy to recommend their services to the client.

With a very tight timeline and modest budget relative to the scope of work, Murphy impressively delivered on some very lofty promises. Not only did they bring valuable local knowledge to the project, but they also worked closely with client and consultant teams to produce creative and alternate solutions while maintaining design integrity and meeting client needs. It was a great partnership all around with Murphy Construction staff on site and in the office contributing immensely to what is fast becoming a favourite spot for many on the mountain. MGA is very proud of what was achieved in the Rendezvous Lodge Renovation and are grateful to Murphy for their efforts and contributions. It was a pleasure to work with the entire team, and we look forward to working with them again in the future."


Michael Green


Principal | MGA

"Renovations are notoriously difficult and not only was the job complex in its own right but working 3800 feet above Whistler Village presented logistical challenges which Murphy were able to overcome to complete the project in time for our winter opening on November 26th, 2015.

Whistler Blackcomb was especially pleased with the responsiveness of Murphy Construction with respect to suggesting alternatives that maintained the design intent while working to keep the cost of the project within the parameters of the budget.

Without question Whistler Blackcomb was satisfied with the end product and we are very appreciative of the time and effort put forth by Murphy Construction on the project."

 – Sean Richard- Food and Beverage General Manager & Project Coordinator, Whistler Blackcomb, 2015

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