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Murphy Construction offers professional Construction & Project Management services in all areas of construction including planning, design, pre-construction and post-construction phases including commercial, residential, and anywhere in between.  


Providing restoration services is to return a property to it’s pre-existing condition depicting its form, features and character as they appeared prior to a devastating event. ​Restoration Clients: Tyax, Carleton Lodge, Emerald Place Squamish, Northlands Blvd. 


Murphy Construction has gained excellent working relationships with architects and engineers with impeccable building envelope reputations. The building envelope is the physical separator between the interior and the exterior environments of a building and is therefore an integral part of any structure. Envelope Remediation Clients: The Vale Strata, Carleton Lodge, Village Gate House, Whistler Westin Resorts


Construction renovations can be very minor or large enough to disrupt a business or household. We make every effort to make the impact of a renovation as painless as possible – keeping to a schedule and ensuring that communication between the Project Manager and client are open and clear.​Restoration Clients: Tyndal, Tamarisk, Treeline, Snowberry condos, 18-units fire rebuild at Northlands Blvd, Tyax, Westin Grill and Vine, Rendezvous. 

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