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Description: MCC was contracted to provide management and contract services for the building envelope restoration project at the Carleton Lodge, Whistler BC.  This project entails full window and siding removal, roofing and patio replacement as well as some interior renovations while the commercial owner’s (Longhorn Bar and Grill and Whistler/Blackcomb retail location) remain open for business.  This project started in April 2014 and is scheduled to complete in November 2014.  To-date Murphy Construction has met all mandated milestones for this project.


Project Value: $5,078,000

Completion date: November 2014

Client: Whistler Resort Strata Management & Real Estate Co.

Murphy Construction was engaged to prepare the tender package for the Carleton Lodge Building Envelope Remediation project. Prior to engaging Murphy Construction, the project cost, parameters and timelines were not clear. The Murphy Construction Team took a common sense approach and brought their experience in the industry to work with the consulting professional to explore various options for building systems and to solidify potential costs. Throughout the tender process they strove to find opportunities to deliver value and cost certainty. They worked cooperatively with all stakeholders as the design elements beyond the building envelope system were developed, again bringing useful input based on real world experience. 

Upon engagement to deliver the project, Murphy Construction has been diplomatic in dealing with the many interests involved in the building (residential and commercial owners, the RMOW, Whistler Blackcomb Operations, consultants). Murphy Construction has brought cost certainty to a type of project that has been subject to rampant time and cost over-runs in other buildings in Whistler. They have demonstrated an understanding of the operational necessities of working in a resort town, scheduling work to minimize impact on business operations and a willingness to accommodate the client's needs and deliver a successful project.

 -  Matt Davies President - Carleton Lodge Strata Council / March 2014

WRM are the strata managers at VR1163, Carleton Lodge which is a multi-use five storey building located in the heart of the Whistler village. In 2008, we had a building condition assessment completed on the Carleton Lodge which identified a number of building envelope related concerns. Further intrusive testing followed that confirmed the Carleton Lodge needed a complete building envelope rehabilitation. The strata engaged a well known architect to work with the envelope engineers and the owners to come up with a modern design that would re transform the Carleton Lodge into the signature building at the base of the mountains. 

During pre-construction, Graham Murphy of Murphy Construction, was brought on board to work with the design team to offer his expertise in construction methodology and provide alternative design solutions without changing the design intent. Having Murphy Construction involved in the value engineering process early on in the project proved to save the owners significant amounts of money off the bottom line with their innovative thinking and approach. 

We knew going into this project that one of the biggest challenges was going to be the extremely tight schedule for which we had to complete the work. The construction season in Whistler is short and is often dictated by weather - this combined with the location of the Carleton Lodge created even more challenges. Not long into construction it was determined that the scope of work would be increased by approximately 20% due to some unforeseen structural issues that needed to be addressed. I am pleased to say that Murphy Construction rose to the challenge and exceeded all expectations by meeting the original timelines. 

Overall my experience working with Murphy Construction has been extremely positive. They are a locally based company that takes pride in their work, their reputation and most importantly they value their relationships with their clients. I would without hesitation recommend Murphy Construction to anyone undertaking a project that requires hardworking professionals that are leaders in their industry. 

 Dave Evans Strata Agent VR1163, Carleton Lodge 

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