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Description: Murphy Construction was awarded the construction of the Harmony Lift Chair Storage Barn through a competitive tender. The building is approximately 130’x55’ and is constructed of 18’ high reinforced CIP concrete walls with a steel truss roof spanning the entire width of the building without intermediate support. The finishes above the concrete included transparent coloured polycarbonate panels, metal paneling, metal fascia and soffit. This building is located at approximately 5500’ elevation on Whistler Mountain and was constructed July-Oct 2013.  This was awarded to Murphy Construction after a competitive bid process and was completed on time and on budget. MCC value-engineered this project to meet our client’s budget.


Project Value: $778,500

Completion date: 2013

Client: Whistler Blackcomb



“Murphy Construction has completed several projects at Whistler Blackcomb over the past few years.

Some of the larger projects have included the construction of two large snowmaking facilities for the 2010 Olympic Games completed in 2008. The main pump house on the Fitzsimmons Creek houses 3600 HP pumping capability. The mid station pump house located half way up Whistler Mountain houses 1000 HP of pumping. Both projects required intricate concrete work to ensure pipes, pumps and equipment all were in the right locations. Both have large skylights that enhance the natural lighting into the building.

In the summer of 2013 Murphy Construction built our chairlift storage facility at the bottom of the Harmony chair. This 6000 square-foot building houses the carriers for the Harmony chair that are removed every night. On this project, Murphy came up with some innovative cost saving suggestions that were accepted and incorporated into the building as the job progressed.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Murphy Construction for any future projects at Whistler Blackcomb.”


Laird Brown - Building and Electrical Manager, Whistler Blackcomb 2013

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