Murphy  Construction  recognizes  the  importance  of  environmental  protection  as  one  of  our  main principles and a key component of sound business performance and the success of our company.

It is important that MCC and all retained trades work to the same environmental standards and that we help each other achieve and maintain these standards by planning and contractual obligation.

MCC  operates  in  compliance  with  all  relevant  municipal,  provincial  and  federal  environmental legislations and we strive to uphold environmental best practices in all projects we are involved in.


Murphy Construction believes that to achieve environmental sustainability we need to meet the needs of our clients without compromising the capacity of future generations to achieve their needs and goals.

MCC  strives  to  be  an  environmentally -sustainable  company  by  inviting  participation  within  our community while seeking to balance the environment, economy and culture within our operations.

In seeking this balance, MCC is able to make the choice of natural and economic resources resulting in the ability to take future generations needs into consideration.