Project Description

Village Gate House

The Whistler Village Gate House is centrally located in Whistler’s original Village site.   We provided Construction Management services for a complete Building Envelope Remediation starting in June 2012. MCC provided extensive value-­‐engineering services for this project to ensure our client was receiving the best possible product for the best possible price. The completion date of this project was February 2013.

Whistler, BC
Value: $1,888,000

Kind Words:

Graham Murphy of Murphy Construction had demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the dynamics and constraints, working within and with the Municipality of Whistler. His understanding of the due process coupled with outstanding relationships with the local representatives was instrumental in advancing our efforts to allow the project to start within the fast track schedule that had been developed, due to the dynamics of vacation rental properties within a world class resort community. An outstanding effort was displayed in the strategic planning to mitigate impacts to the residential, commercial and adjacent village properties and to allow the project  to proceed without compromise to the ambiance and experience of the village resort.

Murphy Construction was engaged as our CM to assist with the final design and value engineering, utilizing the input from local trades to develop a project based on our budgetary constraints. Their knowledge and experience in construction and detailed understanding of the systems and design has been instrumental in achieving the final design, which set the project on a path to success. Efforts in identifying risk and insuring that a complete scope of work had been considered in the front end effort, is reflected in minimal change and disruption as the project has advanced.

Graham continually expresses a core philosophy of customer service, professionalism and a detailed understanding of due process, which is the perfect approach for longevity within a dynamic industry.

Murphy Construction is a proven asset to any project or team and will be considered as our contractor of choice on all future projects.

Dana S. Hunter - Owner Representative - Senior PM _ Chief Estimator, Village Gate House