Project Description

Queen of Peace Monastery

Murphy Construction completed the build of the Queen of Peace Monastery (16.5km up Squamish Valley Road) in August 2012. This structure is a 23,000 square foot timber-frame building nestled into the mountainside facing the amazing Tantalus Mountain Range. This unique build is a testament to the wide range of services that Murphy Construction can offer.

This project was the winner of the 2013 Canadian Wood Council, BC Wood Works Design Award and Interior Beauty.

Squamish, BC
Value: $3,400,000

Kind Words:

Monasteries are rare and they are built to last for hundreds of years.

Queen of Peace Monastery is built for 22 persons (monastic nuns) to live and work and pray 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It includes a chapel and a space for an art gallery, a monastic store and conference room for welcoming groups.

A monastery is architecturally unique and presents unique challenges. In addition we had a definite limit to the funds available and a clear deadline for when the sisters needed to move in.

Murphy Construction did everything possible to build the monastery on time and on budget. This became challenging when an important architectural change imposed itself and the weather did not collaborate.  Creative thinking, scheduling, incredible team work and disciplined effort made it happen.

It was evident to us that Murphy Construction had chosen master tradesmen and that these men were doing what they loved to do and taking great pride in doing it well. They have played an important part of the history of our monastery and will thus leave there mark on the region as did the ancient builders of cathedrals who left a legacy for future generations.

We recommend Murphy Construction without any reserves.

Sister Claire Marie (Rolf) o.p. - Prioress, Queen of Peace Monastery